Friday, April 29, 2011

Class Questions # 1

 1) What is the coolest thing you learned about your classmates? What made it cool?

 Well I didn't really learn much about them because I really wasn't paying attention. I have a touch of ADHD like my twin brother and sometimes my focus is off. However, I can say that the people in my class seem to be really cool but I do not like it when someone wipes boogers on my skirt like that Poki dude did. Also, I feel that my brother should start coming in this class because he speaks for me a lot cuz I"m shy.

 2) What are your hopes for this class? What do you hope to learn about Egypt?

 My hopes for this class is that I will at least do 1 homework assignemtn so I can pass with a C. I do not like doing homework or classwork because I can't focus. I hope we get to learn about mummies. THose are cool and it will teach me how to tie my brothers up when they are getting on my nerves. Maybe I will tie my parents up too.